Shooting the Sh#t: The Toy Podcast. Episode 1

Posted in Podcast by kalelofkrypton on July 30th, 2012

This first episode we discuss The news coming out of Sdcc (comicon) and the future of third party companies. Hosts: Kalel (Chris) Hursticon (Dave)

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Links for the subjects we talk about are below:

Latest Shit Going On:

  • Hasbro’s MP-10 Optimus Prime Price Tag of $99USD.

  • MakeToys’ Giant Giftset (Green Version).

  • Fall of Cybertron (Generations) Voyager Blaster & Soundwave.

  • Transformers: Prime, Voyager Starseeker – Thundertron.

  • Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Upcoming Line-up.

  • NECA 7” Predator Figures – Series 6.

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