Shooting the Sh#t: The Toy Podcast. Episode 3: Disco Greedo

Posted in Podcast by kalelofkrypton on September 21st, 2012


Please take note: Podcast contains course language and some adult contexts.

This episode we discuss Disco cantinas and giant green bros.

Hosts: Kalel (Chris) Skywarp91 (nam) Kup (Ruben) and Ultramarginal (Dallas)

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This episode we talked about:

Gaia Unicron:

Stop Motion Madness :

Hot Toys Hulk:

Hulk Prototype with Ironman:


Custom of the week:

listener question: Originally Posted by King Atlas

I have 2 listener questions.

1. Do you think some of the paint apps used on certain Japanese TF's are too exotic for the western market(BW Neo Deadend)?

2. Which show was your preference: Cheez Tv or Cartoon Connection? Or did you enjoy both?

Disco Greedo:

Chewy Turd:

Admirial Ackbro:

Ackbar and Batman: