Shooting the Sh#t: The Toy Podcast. Episode 4: Mofo Maximus

Posted in Podcast by kalelofkrypton on October 8th, 2012


Please take note: Podcast contains course language and some adult contexts.

This episode we discuss encores, legs and uranus...

Hosts: Kalel (Chris) Hursticon (Dave) Skywarp (nam)

Kal_El’s Twitter: @Kal_ElofKrypton

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Hursticon’s Twitter: @Hursticon

Links for the subjects we talk about are below:

Fort max:


Fans Project Re-release:

Tfc Toys Uranos:

Snake face:

Perfect Effect Black Arac:

Intermission fun:

Listener Question: (From Liegeprime) Transformers Prime vs Arms Micron

What we were Laughing at: